Tax included
  • Laurel white
  • Laurel aqua
  • Fruti Vanilla
  • Citric vanilla
  • Laurel grey
  • Suni white
  • Venus Rose
  • Moon Multi
  • Mini Moon Multi

· Double towel layer
· With little hood and mittens
· 80 x 80cm
· Dries to perfection
· Made of cotton


This double cotton layer hooded towel has been designed to become the perfect complement for the baby's bath time. The layers allow drying and taking care of every part of the baby's body. Once you have dried your baby, you can use the dry side of the towel to lay your baby down and put the cream on. The towels of Petit Oh! are made with the best quality cotton that doesn’t irritate the baby's skin and protects it at all times. It’s perfect for the first baths until approximately 9 months depending on the size of the baby.