Petit Oh! is a small family company comprised in its majority by women and mothers who work daily to find the perfect balance between quality, comfort, and design.

It was established in Barcelona more than 15 years ago with the conviction that the delicate skin of babies needs soft, breathable cotton, especially during the first two years of their lives. Ever since we have not stopped in our quest to offer the greatest variety of colours, prints, and designs, providing soft, essential garments to help our babies sleep, explore, and move freely. 

All our garments are made of 100% Pima cotton from Peru, considered by specialists the best cotton in the world. 

Our brand's best supporters are the mothers and fathers who have used Petit Oh! for their children. Thanks to them, over the years we have grown, we have created new products and we keep on working at developing new collections.


We would like to share with you the origins and properties that make our cotton truly unique. Pima cotton is an extraordinary high-quality variety grown in Peru for more than 5,000 years. Pima cotton fibre is very thin and long, the result is an extremely soft, delicate fabric that maintains its properties wash after wash. 

Hand grown in the wet valleys on the North coast of Peru, Pima cotton boasts a natural wax coating that endows it with a special glow and a unique texture. Hand-picked, this cotton lacks the impurities typical of industrial cottons.

At Petit Oh! our reason of being is Pima cotton, which we have used from day one. The gentleness and softness of its fabric make our garments ideal for the delicate skin of babies.